About QT Technologies

QT Technologies is the world’s largest provider of automated fueling solutions, enabling commercial airlines, cargo carriers, fuel suppliers, and into-plane service providers to achieve more efficient, safe, and profitable operations at scale. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, QT Technologies is trusted by the largest entities in aviation and services more than 300 stations.

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What our Customers Say

QT gives us the capability to improve the reliability, efficiency, and compliance of our fueling operations network-wide. QT also provides the insights we need for better business decisions.

Ying Xu Mathis, Director, Fuel Supply & Operations, American Airlines

QT’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident, particularly in a space where few seem interested in solving issues and advancing the benefits of applying technology to an operation in desperate need of accuracy and timeliness. Our folks in the field continue to ask leadership to add QT applications in all of our into-plane locations.

Patrick Callan, CFO, FSM Group
QT technologies value calculator
QT technologies value calculator

Our Solution

Revolutionize your fueling operations with Fuel Ticket Automation (FTA): the answer to the challenges you face with outdated, paper-based fuel ticketing processes. Through FTA, QT Technologies presents a centralized platform to streamline workflows and enable real-time connectivity across separate systems and organizations, all in one seamless digital environment.

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Integrate and Optimize

Learn how Fuel Ticket Automation can benefit your operation across a variety of functions at scale.

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Minimize Emissions

Eliminate all paper inherent to traditional ticketing processes and optimize fuel usage through one central platform.

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Prevent Overfueling

Protect against unnecessary fuel expenditures and reduce number of overfueled flights to less than 1%.


Save Money

Realize significant savings across a variety of functions, from fuel expenditures to workforce optimization savings.


Enhance Safety

Ensure critical tolerances are accurately validated every flight, safeguarding the integrity of your operation.


Save Time

Save 10 minutes at the gate per flight on average and realize a 70% reduction in fueling-related delays.

Our Network

QT Technologies is trusted by the largest names in aviation and operates its systems at more than 300 locations across the globe. Explore the map below to see our U.S. footprint.

Years Serving
Commercial Aviation




of Commercial Airports
in the U.S.



What’s New

Stay up to date on the latest news and upcoming events.

Aviation Energy forum post.

IATA Aviation Energy Forum | Vienna

We’re counting down the days until IATA’s Aviation Energy Forum (AEF) in Vienna! As the premier gathering for the world’s…

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Celebrating a Greener Future for Aviation

Celebrating a Greener Future for Aviation

As we honor Earth Month, we’re reflecting on the significant environmental contribution QT’s Fuel Ticket Automation (FTA) system is making…

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Dive Deeper

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Our Difference

The largest entities in aviation leverage Fuel Ticket Automation to optimize their fueling operations and minimize turnaround times. Learn more about our solution and how it can revolutionize your business.

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During loading and unloading operations, preparing for the flight at the parking lot of passenger aircraft.

Our Story

Innovation and commitment to our customers’ success sit at the heart of our business. Learn more about our values and story.

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Save using Airplane Fuel Ticket Automation.

Your Savings

Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much your operation could save using Fuel Ticket Automation.

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QT’s unique data center architecture and integration

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