System Features

Integration with Airline

  • Live feed from Airline providing latest information for most accurate fueling
  • Integrations to audit live fueling events
  • 3rd Party feed for Airlines without feed capability

Electronic Flight Fueling Data Capture

  • Records real time data of flight fueling transactions, EFSR eDOC
  • Transmits completed fueling transactions to Aircraft and Airline systems

Status Tracking

  • Realtime updates during fueling sent to Airline
  • Dispatched, Acknowledged, In progress, etc
  • Estimated Completion Time
  • Airlines can manage issues earlier


  • Eliminates over-fueling spills
  • Reduces human error and wastage

Units of Measure

  • Designed to be with any established units of measurement


  • Accommodate global currencies as required


  • Reports can be displayed in different units and as required by the user
  • Able to rolled-up or separated as needed

Inventory Management System

  • Tracks physical movement of fuel across the supply chain
  • Provides for daily inventory reconciliation & facilitates bulk transactions

Additional Fueling Functionality

  • Ad-hoc Orders
  • Boost, Preloads. etc
  • Dual Fueling
  • INOP Gauge stick Readings


  • Fueler certification
  • Density vs Volume
  • Tank tolerance and balance
  • Airline auditing

Operational Improvements

  • Fuel slip to cockpit
  • Traditional dispatching and Auto-dispatching
  • Realtime updates to fuelers


  • Reduce CO2 emissions through shutoff and dispatching effciencies
  • Eliminate spills with shutoff

Temperature & Density Compensation

  • Records observed fuel temperature upon dispense into-wing
  • Calculates standard density
  • Generates net volume based on corrected density

Learning Management System

  • Ensures fuelers are certified to service specific aircraft
  • Reduces the risk of untrained fueler mishandling the equipment