QT Technologies Snapshot Of Fueling Automation Benefits

Save Time

Ensure fuelers are fully utilized and not chasing paper tickets or updates. Saves 10 minutes per flight over the day adds up to 1.5 hours of more productivity.

Save Money

Prevent overfills and unnecessary fuel burn carrying excess fuel. The average overfill is 50+ gallons, adding more than 340 lbs. of excess weight per flight.

Eliminate Delays

Fueling delays are avoidable. Ensure fuelers have accurate, timely info and prevent over fueling/misfueling and maximize fueler efficiency.

QT Technologies

Paper-based fuel tickets and processes present numerous challenges and obstacles in successfully refueling an aircraft in a timely manner. Whether it’s having the latest information, such as changes to the fuel load, aircraft or gate or needing to leave the ramp to deliver the completed ticket to the cockpit or dispatch, each step along the paper route opens the door for delays due to inaccurate information or inefficacies inherent to paper-based systems.

QT Technologies Fuel Ticket Automation Service removes those obstacles and delivers real-time information to fuelers enabling them to be at the aircraft to begin fueling sooner, saving 10+ minutes per current fueling time, as well as reducing delays caused by mistakes from manual processes. In addition, QT’s system helps to significantly reduce misfueling incidents while offering, superior flight management, safety improvements and much more.

How Does Qt Help Your Team To Save Time And Reduce Fueling-Related Delays?

5-10 Min

Dispatch/Auto- dispatch: Eliminate paper and need to return to office for next assignment and ticket. Keeps fueler in the field.

5-10 Min

Misfueling prevention Status Tracking: Real time updates keeps fueler working, fueler certification, better info for ramp / flight ops management.

5-7 Min

Electronic delivery to cockpit: Eliminate paper and need to leave ramp to deliver a physical ticket to the cockpit.

Save both time and money while providing superior oversight of the fueling operation. Our customers have seen improvements resulting in saving on average, 10 minutes per fueling activity, materially reducing fueling-related delays.

The impact of the benefit of our system are also evident throughout an airline’s operations, including improvements to ramp operations, flight management, fuel management, safety, accounting and inventory groups. Avoid the delays and costs of the paper route and get your operation on the fast track to quicker turns and greater efficiency.

According to Airlines for America, delayed aircraft are estimated to have cost the airlines several billion dollars In additional expense. Delays also drive the need for extra gates and ground personnel.