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Our history and our vision.

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Our Story

QT Technologies, originally founded in 1984 as Applied Technologies, first made its mark by pioneering self-service fuel terminals for private aviation pilots at small airports. Since then, our focus has expanded to the commercial aviation sector, where we have been dedicated to servicing our clients since 2011. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, QT Technologies now operates at over 300 sites globally and proudly holds the status of an IATA Strategic Partner. Our enduring commitment is to innovate and deliver industry-leading fuel management solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability across the aviation sector.

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What our Customers Say

QT gives us the capability to improve the reliability, efficiency, and compliance of our fueling operations network-wide. QT also provides the insights we need for better business decisions.

Ying Xu Mathis, Director, Fuel Supply & Operations, American Airlines

QT’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident, particularly in a space where few seem interested in solving issues and advancing the benefits of applying technology to an operation in desperate need of accuracy and timeliness. Our folks in the field continue to ask leadership to add QT applications in all of our into-plane locations.

Patrick Callan, CFO, FSM Group

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