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Dulles International

Our collaboration with Dulles International started with Delta and Swissport’s operation in 2011. The QT platform enabled a seamless data integration to provide information that has been trusted, consistent and supported in real-time between Swissport and Delta.

In 2016, the ASIG into-plan consortium followed suit and installed QT to improve operating performances and efficiencies for the member airlines. The system improving day to day into plane operations for the hundreds of flights every day and allows all carriers to integrate their systems directly to QT’s state-of-the-art data center architecture.

United, United Express, and the other member Airlines are seeing the benefits every day. Lufthansa was the first international carrier to take advantage of the integration possibilities which include transmitting the fueling information directly into the cockpit.

At Dulles, both Swissport and ASIG see improved fuel ticket workflows and fuel dispatching utilzing QT Technologies.

QT is used to fuel all Delta flights using both stationary carts and trucks.

ASIG manages the consortium for most international carriers and many domestic carriers. Having a real time view of the operations and fueler performance benefits the operations.


QT’s unique data center architecture and integration expertise allows for fuel work flows and data integration based on our client’s requirements and IT systems. Business rules and process workflow can be customized by a number of criteria including aircraft tail number, aircraft type, flight, and airport for a custom solution.