Commercial Aviation

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Commercial Aviation

Success in the commercial aviation business is measured on quick turns and accurate fuelings every time. QT’s patented fueling automation solutions have been supporting rapid refueling for in aviation for over 25 years. And with the price of jet fuel on the rise, you have more incentive to ensure that every drop is accounted for correctly and quickly.

QT can help both you and your into-plane servicer get the necessary information quickly and accurately to the personnel and systems that need it most

Hydrant Cart & Truck Automation

  • Real-time into-plane gross and net  at the wing
  • Integration with on-board systems for pilot confirmation
  • Dispatch personnel with all flight data
  • Integration with refueler and airline reconciliation and accounting systems

Fuel Truck Automation

  • Real-time inventory control and on-board inventory status
  • Dispatch trucks to the correct location  with the flight data in hand
  • Integration with inventory management and accounting systems
  • e-Signature capture of refueler and pilot
  • Mis-fueling prevention technology
QT commercial aviation solution