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A man is fueling a plane with a hose attached to it.
a propeller of a plane
a propeller of a plane

At QT Technologies, we are committed to solving our client’s most urgent issues – from safety to mitigating delays to compliance. We serve major carriers and inter-lane services to eliminate manual integration points and to deliver technology innovations that deliver ROI.

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Fueling Automation Benefits

QT Technologies fuels your bottom line with quicker turns. Let us help your airline save time, save money, eliminate delays, prevent overfueling and enhance safety.


Save Time

Ensure fuelers are fully utilized and not chasing paper tickets or updates. Saves 10 minutes per flight over the day adds up to 1.5 hours of more productivity.


Save Money

Prevent overfills and unnecessary fuel burn carrying excess fuel. The average overfill is 50+ gallons, adding more than 340 lbs. of excess weight per flight.


Eliminate Delays

Fueling delays are avoidable. Ensure fuelers have accurate, timely info and prevent over fueling/misfueling and maximize fueler efficiency.

Automated Warning System


Electronically record boarded fuel to eliminate the risk of undiagnosed fuel pump issues. Automatically send warnings to the appropriate systems and individuals

Balance Checks


Automated balance checks of fuel tanks and real-time updates to fuelers allow an unparalleled level of fueling accuracy



A certification record system that is updated daily as well as electronic checks at dispatch & planeside (via handhelds) to eliminate misfueling issues

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