Need A Customized Solution

A man is fueling a plane with a hose attached to it.

Only QT invests considerable resources to deliver industry-leading electronic fuel ticketing. At QT, it’s about agility and delivering to our clients the framework to translate their fueling complexity into a disciplined, proven and accurate platform. QT’s customized solution provides a framework to automate and remove manual processes associated with fuel tickets and provide substantial improvements in the cost and accuracy of deployments.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce errors – simplified and proven deployment processes that reduces errors
  • Lower costs – reduce time and effort needed to manage deployments
  • Unified framework – single interface for all deployments
  • Supports over 70 different data types – can deploy a huge variety of changes – repository, database and file
  • Business rules – reduces maintenance and configuration costs by simulating test business rules before deployment
  • Desktop and Field Devices – enables employees to work seamlessly between environments
  • Task Based UI – reduces navigational complexity and promotes human centered design
  • Test Automation – reduces cost of functional, load or performance testing
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