For over 25 years, QT Technologies has led the way in delivering leading edge technology solutions for fuel custody transfer to a wide variety of industries with over 1000 installations worldwide. Offering an integrated solution for fueling events in the aviation, heating oil, propane and other industries, QT can improve the productivity of your company by focusing on process automation and personnel efficiency.

QT’s Data Center approach streamlines delivery and management of all information relevant to your products and services, including orders, scheduling and routing, delivery, payments, inventory management, back-office integration, reporting, reconciliation, pricing accuracy and compliance.

With QT’s integrated solution, you maintain real-time connections to all the equipment in your fleet and can coordinate all of your processes, from the back-office to the field. With real-time information and the power to act on that information, people make more educated decisions that help your business to succeed.

  1. Delayed!

    February 27th 2013

    Put in story about how the original founder was delayed

  2. Start-Up!

    February 27th 2012

    Talk about how great minds got together to build the company