Mitigate Delays

A man is fueling a plane with a hose attached to it.
a propeller of a plane
a propeller of a plane

With QT’s integrated flight and fuel data systems, vendors and fuelers are kept informed of fuel load changes – sometimes as many as 15 for a single flight. Accurate and up to date information allows proactive reactions which save time and money. Verified 70% reduction in fuel related delays and savings of up to 10 minutes of ground time.

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Fueling Automation Benefits

QT Technologies fuels your bottom line with quicker turns. Let us help your airline save time, save money, eliminate delays, prevent overfueling and enhance safety.


Save Time

Ensure fuelers are fully utilized and not chasing paper tickets or updates. Saves 10 minutes per flight over the day adds up to 1.5 hours of more productivity.


Save Money

Prevent overfills and unnecessary fuel burn carrying excess fuel. The average overfill is 50+ gallons, adding more than 340 lbs. of excess weight per flight.


Eliminate Delays

Fueling delays are avoidable. Ensure fuelers have accurate, timely info and prevent over fueling/misfueling and maximize fueler efficiency.

Handling Flight / Fuel Changes

Flight / Fuel Changes

Aviation fueling requires the agility to handle dynamic aircraft and fuel load changes called prior to departure. QT’s real-time platform integrates both the airlines flight and fuel data system to eliminate costly fueling errors associated with errors that drive multiple fuelings and overfuelings.

Fuel Service Record/ ACARS Integration

Record/ ACARS Integration

The QT platform is optimally configured to support each aviation client’s unique fuel service record requirements. With QT’s fuel accuracy configurator, all critical fueling calculations for fuel tolerance checks are modeled and business rules enforced to optimize aviation fueling.

Vendor Tracking / Gate Management

Tracking / Gate Management

QT’s fuel ticket automation provides aviation clients the ability to track fueling vendors metrics to show on-time as well as delays. This vendor tracking provides aviation clients with vendor transparency and maximizes the aviation’s clients ability to redirect incoming aircrafts to vacant gates.

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