Aircraft technicians in safety vests performing maintenance on an airplane

QT delivers aviation industry market-leading best practices and tools to help drive operational compliance, reduce FAA fines and increase efficiency across the fueling process.

QT’s automated platform eliminates fueler certification issues that drive compliance issues & FAA fines

QT’s platform comes equipped with industry specific workflows to accommodate specific scenarios

Once implemented, QT becomes the system of record and automatically reports on fueler credentials to airlines and provide visibility to fueler’s credentials.

For Fuel Caps, QT provides the business workflow to verify flight ranges for each flight and confirm fueling criteria

For FTZ, the QT automated workflow defines the proper tax classification for a specific flight and removes the manually need for FTZ classification.

Fueler Certification
QT platform maximizes fueling automation by eliminating ticket runners having to manually carry fueling information between fueling vendors and the cockpit.

Specialty Workflows
Our automated process removes the unnecessary traffic – vehicles, fuel, maintenance crew at the airport required to deliver fuel – and ultimately eliminating ticket runner costs