Hydrant Cart / Truck Automation Fuel Truck Automation

Hydrant Cart / Truck Automation

  • With the QT Hydrant Cart or Hydrant Truck Automation service, fuelers are dispatched to the correct location ready to safely and efficiently refuel the airplane. QT’s FDU (Fuel Data Unit) is ready to assist the fueler in completing the most accurate and efficient fueling possible.
  • The handheld computers are populated with all of the information on the flight – there is no stopping to get a paper ticket from the gate agent or waiting for a call on the radio. Barcode technology is used to make sure fueler connects to the appropriate equipment.
  • Once all flight information is verified by the technician, fueling begins. The actual net amount delivered into-plane is captured using a temperature probe during the fueling and is then transmitted via a cellular or WiFi network to a secure, hardened data center.
  • This data is sent to the cockpit and integrated with your aviation management system. The same real-time data is available to the aircraft operator via an Internet-based client web portal hosted by QT.