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QT Technologies Snapshot Of Fueling Automation Benefits

Aircraft delays cost airlines millions of dollars annually while creating a need for extra gates and ground personnel at airports. With QT Technologies’ Fuel Ticket Automation solution, our customers are taking a bite out of those delays. Through innovative technology that delivers real-time information, the QT solution offers fuelers an unparalleled level of efficiency and accuracy.

Save Time.  Ensures fuelers are fully utilized and not chasing paper tickets or updates. Saves 10 minutes per flight over the day which can add up to 1.5 hours of more productivity.

Save Money. The average overfill is more than 340+ lb of excess weight per flight.  Using QT’s precision fueling platform, overfill scenarios are eliminated and our clients save on average of 50+ gallons of fuel per flight.

Eliminate Delays. Fueling delays are avoidable. Ensure fuelers have accurate, timely info and prevent over fueling/misfueling and maximize fueler efficiency.


Fuel Saving

Improve Ramp

Efficient Fueling

Electronic ticket delivery that keeps pilots in the cockpit and saves all involved parties time and effort

Accurate Fueling which prevents unnecessary fuel burn due to the excess weight

Real time updates that inform fuelers in the field and allow better management of fuel operations

Improve operations by prompt and accurate information that reaches fuelers on the ramp and reduces misfueling incidences