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Fuel Truck Automation

Your fuel business is focused on great customer service. But when things get busy, reporting on fuel and other line services delivered to various aircraft can get very hectic, and lead to potential customer infuriating errors. With the QT’s patented Aviation Fuel Truck Automation service, your drivers are ready for the next order as all delivery, inventory and payment information from the trucks and the fuel farms is transmitted via a cellular network to secure, hardened data centers. This data is integrated with your aviation management system as well as being available via an Internet-based client web portal hosted by QT.

The QT Service Provides:

  • Real-time inventory control
  • Fast, efficient delivery process
  • Real-time Integration with commonly used aviation management systems
  • Reporting and reconciliation
  • Environmental and safety compliance
  • Real-time truck tracking
  • Real-time payment processing – all types of bank, private and government-issued cards and keys
  • e-Signature capture
  • Misfueling prevention technology