Fueling Automation Features

Fueling Automation Features

Automation is revolutionizing the fueling process

QT delivers a complete, end-to-end integrated fuel ticket automation platform that helps organizations to achieve maximum top line and bottom line growth.

Why QT Technologies

QT delivers a complete, end-to-end integrated fuel ticket automation platform that helps organizations to achieve maximum top line and bottom line growth.

Reduce delays

Save 5-10 minutes per flight

Automatically send the latest information to fuelers and ensuring they are aware of changes as it relates to fuel loads, gates, etc.

With QT, it’s information at jet speed!

Improved Accuracy

Save 5-7 minutes per flight

Electronically sending fuel ticket info via ACARS or electronic flight bags ensures accurate information and eliminates the need to deliver a physical ticket to the cockpit.

No-more reading the tea-leaves with QT’s electronic fuel ticketing.

Real-time Dispatch

Save 5-10 minutes per flight

Providing next assignments and tickets to fuelers onsite eliminates the need to return to office for next assignments and tickets.

Fuel load, ship registration, and gate ETD data is sourced directly or indirectly from the airline data center.

With QT, we remove the paper drama and chaos with aviation fueling!

Flight & Gate Mgmt

Save 5-10 minutes per flight

A system that automatically updates fueling statuses enables airlines to know the exact step and status of fueling process.

Status tracking helps to eliminate guessing the duration of aircraft waits at gates, and alerts of any issues.

QT is the difference between close and 99% fueling accuracy!

Advanced Warnings

Minimize Risk

The QT system automatically notifies fuelers of any known MEL issues prior to fueling such as INOP gauges.

Our advanced warnings mitigate delays and saves time and prevents misfueling or over fueling.

Trouble-shoot faster & eliminate problems before they happen with QT!

Eliminate Inaccuracies

Avoid FAA Fines FTA - Validations:

Through validations built into workflow, such as weigh vs volume tolerance, QT ensures proper fueling and proper reporting back to airlines.

Eliminate inaccuracies and reduce back office inefficiency with QT.

Simplify the complex with QT!

Eliminate Misfuelings

Certify Your Fuelers and Avoid Costly Overfills

QT integrates with airline certification databases and automatically prevents untrained/uncertified fuelers from loading aircraft.

Eliminate misfuelings and incidents through fueler certification management with QT.

Are your ground crew fueler certified?

Eliminate Overfills

Save Money with Fueling Accuracy

With precise controls including temperature probes for net fuel, QT’s system ensures delivery of only the planned load of fuel.

Avoid overfilling and the need to defuel or carry the extra weight of an unnecessary fuel load with QT.

With QT, you don’t need to burn expensive fuel in the air!

Eliminate Under- Fuelings

Optimize Tanker Fueling - No Running Out of Fuel

QT’s system automatically tracks and reports quantities of fuel remaining in tankers. Standard QT processes provide 24 hour ticket delivery and daily fuel reconciliations.

Avoid running out of fuel or having partial loads with QT.

Eliminate running out of fuel scenarios!

Eliminate Manual Errors

Eliminate Human Errors and Go Ditigal

Data is collected electronically directly from the fueling vehicle, and transmitted directly to other airline operations and back office systems.

With QT, eliminate chances of errors associated with manual data capture.

Be digital and eliminate manual data entry errors!

Real-time Auditing

Automate your Audit Process and Always Be Ready

Automatic audits with the airlines’ systems at the completion of fueling ensures fueled amounts match planned loads. QT can validate data and airlines can as well.

With QT, simplify audit processes for airlines & fuelers.

With QT, you’re always ready for your audit!