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Real-time delivery management for truck fleets and aviation fueling.









Fleet operators across the nation have deployed the QT Technologies mobile resource management service in their home heating oil, propane, mobile fueling or DTL trucks.  These operators have sped up their delivery-to-cash cycles while accounting for every drop of product that is loaded on their trucks and delivered to their customers.

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Home Heating Oil & Propane
Mobile Fueling
Direct to Locomotive (DTL)

With more than 25 years of experience with custody transfer and payment systems and 1000 clients worldwide, QT Technologies has delivered a fully integrated solution to the field services market to meet the needs of a market that is struggling with higher costs – of its products and the cost of doing business.

By coordinating all information on the business processes that drive a truck fleet, your company will improve its delivery-to-cash cycle by:

  • Faster, more accurate invoicing with real-time integration to your back office financial system
  • Getting paid at the time of delivery with real-time, on-site payment authorization
  • Reducing bad debt/fraud with real-time validation of each payment
  • Receiving customer payments on the web

The service also provides you with the ability to control inventory and track trucks using:

  • Real-time volumetric data management on the trucks
  • Optimized dispatch and routing using GPS, real-time updates

On the trucks, QT deploys the Mobile Data Terminal Service

  • Secure, fast data transfer and highly secure encryption and authentication protocols
  • Intuitive design, touch screen operation
  • Fully integrated with truck metering systems
  • Orders, pricing, route, messages, in-cab software updated remotely via the QT Data Center

All data is stored in systems at the redundant, secure QT Data Center, which provides you with instant, web-based access to all information on your business:

  • Orders
  • Scheduling and Routing
  • Delivery
  • Payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting/Reconciliation
  • Pricing/Discounts/Taxation Accuracy
  • Compliance

The Internet-based QT Mobile Resource Management Service means that you can log on from anywhere and get all types of reports on the productivity of your fleet and your personnel.

  • Inventory
  • Productivity
  • Financial/Transactional
  • Tax and Compliance

You can be sure your information will be safe.

  • QT maintains compliance with mandatory reporting and regulations
  • Truck and Internet transactions fully encrypted via cellular or wireless LAN
  • All QT Data Centers meet compliance requirements for all financial networks and US federal banking regulations

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