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Direct to locomotive (dtl)

The major railroad companies are tightening their requirements regarding the fueling of their locomotives.  Beyond environmental concerns, they require full accounting for every drop of diesel that is loaded into or out of their locomotives and other equipment.

If your customers are asking for this type of accountability, you should look to QT Technologies Mobile Resource Management Service. QT has provided some of the leading DTL companies with an innovative service that provides all the information required along with features that will enhance your business operations.

The QT service provides:

  • Accurate, real-time, paperless fueling
  • On-board computer hardwired to fuel meter
  • Active fuel theft detection
  • GPS truck tracking with capture of geo-coordinates
  • Geo-fencing
  • Optimized routing to minimize fuel consumption on out-of-railyard trips
  • Integration with the railroad’s accounting systems
  • Electronic transmittal of fuel event information directly to the railroad’s data repository
  • Locomotive initial and number
  • Date and time stamp for each fuel event
  • Fuel event record number / meter ticket number
  • Amount of fuel delivered in gallons
  • Reload location bill of lading – both net and gross gallons
  • Back office integration to your accounting system
  • Hosted service – no hardware or software to install

The improved accuracy from the automation of your business processes will provide productivity enhancements, better use of your truck and personnel resources and eliminate invoicing questions with the railroads you serve.