QT Technologies
Real-time delivery management for truck fleets and aviation fueling.








QT Technologies has been a technology provider to the aviation industry for over 25 years, with over 1000 global point-of-sale and fuel equipment automation installations.  This proven track record of innovation, at airports large and small, assures commercial, general, cargo and military aviation customers that they will find the right combination of products and services needed to operate more efficiently.

Hydrant Truck & Cart Automation

QT Aviation Automation Service
  • Real-time gross and net into-plane refueling at the wing
  • Integration with on-board systems for pilot confirmation
  • Dispatch personnel with all flight data
  • Integration with refueler and airline reconciliation and accounting systems

Fuel Truck Automation

  • Real-time inventory control and on-board inventory status
  • Dispatch trucks to the correct location
  • Take payments on delivery, no invoicing using retail credit / debit cards, fuel cards and private cards
  • Integration with FBO management systems
  • e-Signature capture of refueler and pilot
  • Misfueling prevention technology

Stationary Fueling Terminal

  • 24-hour self-service operation
  • Complete, on-site fuel management program
  • Retail credit / debit cards, fuel cards, private cards
  • High reliability
  • Large, high visibility display options, easy to read